Patient Participation Group

We encourage patients to give their views about the practice and to participate in shaping the services provided by the practice. There is a patient participation group available to all patients to help collate the views of patients.

Your details will be kept confidential and not passed to a third party.

All patients are welcomed and encouraged to participate in voicing their views. We want the meetings to be focused and effective.

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Meeting Dates

Our next meeting is yet to be confirmed.

Elderly Networking & Activities Workshop held on 28th February 2019

The first workshop was run on Thursday 28th February at the ELIM Pentecostal Church Hall opposite the medical centre. A number of people attended on a very damp and rainy afternoon. The idea behind the first session was to gauge opinions about what the workshops ought to be doing and what would benefit the target audience, that is people over 60s living in the Thornton Heath area starting with those registered with the MMC. The session was organised by Shakeel (MMC PPG Chair) and Paul, whose idea it was to establish an event for folks over 60s to come together to meet new people, make friends and join in on fun activities.

There were a wide range of opinions expressed by people, from widening the attendees to include younger generations, including quite possibly people with issues who may benefit from contact with people over 60s, going on various day outings, having workshops for people exclusively above an agreed age group so that we can ensure an appropriate atmosphere is established that will suit them and encourage regular attendance. Clearly, not all options can be taken forward otherwise we would end up trying to accommodate everybody, and not meeting the needs of our target audience of over 60s.

After careful consideration of the view points of those who attended and further consultation with a number of people on a one to one basis, the consensus view was to firstly rename the Elderly Networking / Activities Workshop to something more easily understood and secondly to clearly define the purpose and scope of the events so that there is no misunderstanding about the purpose of the social club.

Firstly, the event will now be called Mersham Over 60s Social Club

Secondly, The Mersham Over 60s Social Club is about enabling people over 60 to come together regularly to meet others, make new friends, get involved in some fun activities, whilst enjoying refreshments in an open, friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

The Club will meet the last Thursday of each month from 2-4pm at the back hall of the ELIM Pentecostal Church opposite the medical centre. The club is managed by Shakeel (MMC PPG Chair) and Paul, both can be contacted via the Mersham medical centre reception. Over time, especially during the summer months, day trips can be organised to the seaside or museums or particular places of history as part of the activities the social club would like to offer, based on what people want to do.

These activities can include indoor games, arts and crafts, as well as talks about  interesting topics that are chosen by you, given by especially invited people.

Please Note: this is exclusively an over 60s social club event, that will develop based on the needs of the people that attend.

Shakeel (Chair, MMC PPG)